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 Welcome to PsychInnovations.com



Status of PsychInnovations: The subjects below tell you about the main features of the site. If you like, the search box works very well. I update various parts of the site as needed. Write if you have any questions. 

PsychIN Directory

A big directory of resources for mental health professionals. There is an outline of all the topics there. Its best pages are the ones with search tools and (mostly) free information such as free journal article for mental health professionals. 

Psychotherapy Articles

Various articles pertaining to innovation in psychotherapy, mostly emphasizing insights derived from using EMDR and sound, but that's not all. Some of the pages are guides to ideas and skills (and related resources, of course) on this site and elsewhere. 

Streaming Audio and Inner Work

Audio experiences and free samples, along with some explanatory information on topics such as bilateral sound, brainwave entrainment, and guided "inner work" such as trance work and desensitization methods. 

The Shimmering Workbook

Learn a self-help method that lays bare the "active ingredients" that so many methods use but don't credit. You will be able to understand things about most any program you come across once you understand shimmering. Maybe the best news is the you can start after reading only two pages. 

About Your Host

I support this site by offering recordings related to inner work, such as EMDR-inspired bilateral sound, as well as offering consultation on how to do this work. My contact page tells more about me.