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 Audio environments and lessons for Shimmering and EMDR-inspired personal development, meditation, visualization, stress management, and relaxation.

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Sounds for Inner Space™ samples, full free experiences, CDs and a new MP3 of UpLevel bilateral sound now available!

EMDR-Inspired Shimmer (Bilateral) Sound

Learn how Robert Yourell's "Shimmer Sound" (EMDR-Inspired Bilateral Sound) helps people use visualization, relaxation and "inner work" for personal development here: About EMDR-Inspired Sound


Shimmering I: Eliminate Stress and Experience Advanced Meditation

Shimmering 1 for Free Thinkers: Eliminate Stress and Experience Advanced Meditation

This new release is for anyone who wants to eliminate stress triggers and master deep relaxation.

Free Thinkers Guarantee: No Superstitious or Unsupported Ideas.

Click for samples from Shimmering 1. 
Click for Samples from the Shimmering 1 double album.

Shimmering 1 provides 45 minutes of progressive experiences that lead you to Shimmering, including time for unguided Shimmer meditation. The Shimmer sound used comes from the popular UpLevel album! The deeply relaxing voice of Robert A. Yourell provides ongoing guidance through the experiences.

Once Robert saw how much people got out of UpLevel, the original bilateral sound, he decided to create guided learning experiences. Perfecting this album took many years (and two prior versions that he discarded). Instead of making the experiences like lessons, he created an hour of entertaining and provocative talks on a separate CD to create a two CD set. The presentations and the basis for Shimmering are so well-grounded in clinical experience and psychological research, he offers the "Free Thinkers' Guarantee™" that he can support all statements if challenged. There is nothing here about manifestation of abundance or soul travel! The experiences are so deeply relaxing, that it may take several times before you can consciously do the skills. But by that time, they will be a part of you.

UpLevel is the shimmer sound you hear during the guided experiences of Shimmering.

Cover art, title: "Until now, there has been no good word for Shimmering, so Robert coined it in order to talk about it. The cover art shows brilliant flower petals emerging from a lush background. This conveys the feeling of Shimmering."
"I just 'disappeared' while listening to the sample of your new recording, Shimmering! What an amazing and incredible voice you have. It inspires such comfort, love, acceptance and trust. The only thing I seem to remember is your talking about 'the space between...' I can only imagine that whatever else you said was inspiring, motivating, and positive. It seemed to reach in and resonate with me at the soul level, leaving me feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized. Thank you for the opportunity to experience your new recording. It definitely needs to be shared with others who are seeking inner peace and inspiration."
- Dianne Ruth, Ph.D.

2 CD Set: $29.95

Shimmering I is available now at

UpLevel: Pleasing, Consistent Bilateral Sound

UpLevel: Pleasing, Consistent Bilateral Sound

Our most loved EMDR-inspired sound has received many praises. Now also available as an MP3.

Click for samples from UpLevel, Personal Journey and EvoLucid. 
Click for Samples of UpLevel, Personal Journey & EvoLucid.

Download the 25-minute MP3. (Set your player to "repeat" if you wish to extend the session.)


UpLevel provides forty-three minutes of consistent alternating bilateral sound. A light, etheric bell accentuates the steady sweep of soft orchestral sound. UpLevel is designed not to distract the listener, but has a compelling bilateral effect.

The tones are engineered to allow normal conversation. Their strongest frequencies do not compete with your voice (even with the sibilants such as "s" sounds), so that it is easy for the listener to hear the spoken word. Also, the bilateral quality is very obvious at a low volume. You do not need special headphones, because most headphones available are "open" headphones that allow the listener to hear their environment.

Because the sound is multi-layered and spatially expanded, it creates an environment of sound. It's consistency and smoothness feel safe. Great care was taken in a sophisticated sound studio to create an esthetically rewarding sound.

Cover art, title: UpLevel refers to up, as in, "Go up, young human, go up!" and level, as in levels of consciousness. The cover art is a mysterious sky, with radiant arcs of, what? Not spirits! Must be weather balloons or marsh gases.
"This is the best bilateral I have found by far."
- Susan Quinn, LMFT, Los Angeles, California
"I have been very fortunate to have owned a copy of this totally innovative and leading edge UpLevel CD for the last three or four years. As a doctor of psychology and holistic counselor, I offer the opportunity to my clients to listen to UpLevel whenever we do process work, guided imagery, altered states of consciousness work and hypnotherapy. The results have been absolutely astonishing. The very pleasant and soothing bilateral tones further whole brain processing, and create exciting, unexpected and amazing benefits for my clients. They leave my office in awe about having made a quantum leap in their personal development journey every time they listen to this CD. Now I can direct my clients to Amazon to buy their own copy of 'UpLevel' for their personal use. Thank you Bob Yourell, for using your genius to create such a magnificent resource for the upliftment and enhancement of the human spirit."
- Dianne Ruth, Ph.D., San Diego, California
"As a Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Counselor I have been lucky to have a copy of Robert Yourell's UP-Level CD. I have used it with Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Core Transformation, Time Line and other processes. I've also found that just listening to the sounds by themselves can create amazing shifts of consciousness. The sounds seem to unstick energy in a very easy way and let it move through. Robert's process has been a great contribution for a lot of people who were stuck in emotional ick. The best part is that they come out of a session with a 'WOW.' There have been times when clients wanted a copy of his CD and now it will be easy to point them to Amazon. What a great gift!"
- Judie Keyes, CCH, San Diego, California
"This CD was recommended to me recently by another clinician at an EMDR training. As a therapist specializing in the treatment of trauma, I've used UpLevel so far to center myself, both prior to sessions and at the end of the day."
- Susan M. Curry, LMFT, Davis, California
"UpLevel provides an excellent bilateral sound for use with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy. I am a clinical psychologist who finds myself introducing patients to this CD more and more frequently. It is also effective with hypnosis, which is a specialty of mine. It is far superior to any other recording of its type that I have tried for psychotherapy purposes."
- Cye Hoffman, Ph.D., Pacific Palisades, California
The unique sounds of this CD have helped several of my clients access new insights and skills. It is particularly helpful with trauma survivors who have a hard time focusing on hand movements or other visuals. Highly recommended--I love it!
- Victoria Latifses, Ph.D., Beverly Hills

CD: $19.95

UpLevel: EMDR-Inspired Stable Bilateral Soundspace available now at

Selections 1: Sounds for Inner Space

Selections I: Sounds for Inner Space(tm)

Robert Yourell guides you through two bilateral sound experiences, and a deep trance experience. Bonus track, see below.

Click for samples from Inner Child Sanctuary 
Click for Samples from Inner Child Sanctuary

From the Mind and Heart of Robert A. Yourell, experience a Shimmering process, EMDR-Inspired Bilateral Sound, Brainwaves, Trance Language, Tomatis-Inspired High Frequencies, Energy Work, Ericksonian Trance, and Guided Visualization.

Relaxed Energy introduces you to Shimmering, a way of strengthening your natural ability to turn experience into wisdom, and adversity into peace of mind. It uses relaxing guided visualization and energy work with bilateral sound (UpLevel, the original EMDR-inspired sound praised around the world), and a rich, unique ocean sound space.

The Loss Meditation is an unusual presentation of sparse, poetic language that sets the tone for a meditation on loss or change. Guided by the Shimmering approach, it is intended to create a healing space for personal expansion and restoration. It includes resonant Native American trance drumming and music symbolic of life's adventure.

Inner Child Sanctuary is his first recording of guided deep relaxation with Ericksonian trance language. It's themes are self-nurturance and support from the unconscious. It was digitally restored because of the praise it has received. It is wonderful for bedtime as well, because it is so relaxing.

Wake Up Juice provides brainwaves for alertness and focus, and high frequency sounds that can activate the mind. Try it for paying the bills or driving. It is set to campy, wild music. See what it does for friends with ADD or brain fog.

Guided tour of UpLevel, Personal Journey and Evolucid, our three standalone bilateral recordings available here.

"I have no other CD like this one. I am very impressed with your guided descriptions and instructions. They engage me to stay in the here and now, to let go of worry... and to instead just observe and feel my emotions for whatever they might be. It engages me, it also relaxes, calms, and soothes me in a very profound way.
    "I especially love Inner Child Sanctuary...your descriptions, choice of words and phrases, and your voice, move me and comfort me. The tone of your voice alone is exceedingly relaxing and soothing."
- Susan Wintroath, author, poet
"The beautiful quality of the sounds in this CD, added to their bilateral nature, and Robert Yourell's soothing voice, makes it a most recommended instrument for client's use in session, as well as our own personal use. When we are stressed out, when we need to relax, have a good night's sleep or make an Inner Journey to places inside our mind that sometimes seem far, far away, but that belong to our own selves, this CD will take us there, in a very meaningful trip. We will 'awaken' feeling alive and enriched. Excellent!"
- Carina Mitrani Ph.D., Argentina
"I personally like it (Inner Child Sanctuary) for knocking me out. I originally tried it for my middle son, who has asperger's and needed a real relaxation after a day at school. He was out in 5 minutes. It took me 3. This is the kind of thing that would put pharmaceutical companies out of business."
- Annie White, USA
Cover art: The scarab was an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, transformation and renewal. What if it shepherded a music disc, glyphs displayed people wearing headphones, and jewels adorning ancient carvings were still present? Actually, that would be pretty weird.

CD:  Low Price    $14.95

Selections I: Eliminate Stress and Experience Advanced Meditation is available at now.

Personal Journey: A Body Mind Sound Space

Personal Journey: Light Bilateral Sound, Gentle Ambiance, Brainwave Relaxation

Light Bilateral Sound, Gentle Ambience, Brainwave Relaxation

Click for samples from UpLevel, Personal Journey and EvoLucid. 
Click for Samples of UpLevel, Personal Journey & EvoLucid.

Personal Journey resonates with a theta (slow) brainwave frequency as well as a subtle version of alternating bilateral (stereo sweeping) sound. Ambient sound (like music, but not patterned in a way one might tire of) includes angelic voices that stream into the soundscape.

The brainwave frequency resembles the beautiful sound you discover when running a wet finger along the rim of a crystal goblet. It invites your brain to match it's slower, deeply relaxing rhythm. Psychology has known of this effect for a long time, and people use it to improve their meditation, stress management, and even sleep. Restoring and deepening sleep is important for anyone, but especially people with challenges such as fibromyalgia, or recovering from loss, trauma, addiction, or problems with mood. You can leave the CD on "repeat" to create an all-night "sound space" at a low volume.

Personal Journey goes well with EMDR-inspired processes involving deep relaxation or where added comfort is desired. The theta frequency sounds like the beautiful sound you discover by running a wet finger along the rim of a crystal goblet, but with headphones, it's your own nervous system that creates the frequency.

Cover art, title: Personal Journey acknoledges that personal development through inner work is personal and, well, a journey. That was easy. The cover art started as rose quarts crystals, transformed into a pool of radiance. What a metaphor for multiple levels of consciousness, eh? By using computer art, we have found a complicated approach to simplicity, to exceed our highest potentials. That was just a test to see if you were paying attention.  

CD: $14.95

Comes with guidelines and some of my favorite processes.

Personal Journey: Brainwave Ambient Trance with Bilateral Sound is available at now.


EvoLucid: Ambient Sound Sweeping in Synchrony

EvoLucid: Ambient Sound Sweeping in Synchrony

Shimmering layers of abstract sound slowly evolve.

Click for samples from UpLevel, Personal Journey and EvoLucid. 
Click for Samples of UpLevel, Personal Journey & EvoLucid.

EvoLucid is a somewhat mysterious, source of bilateral sound that could be described as silvery or "softly bright.". All of EvoLucid's sound sweeps across the stereo field together, and the several audio layers sound and overlap slowly, including a beautiful chorus. All tones sustain for a period of time, so that the overall sound evolves slowly. There is no melody to tire of.

Cover art, title: EvoLucid is short for Evolve and be lucid. That is what some uses feel bilateral sound is all about. The cover represents taking steps into an enticing new land, with bare feet representing being more in touch with the moment. Or is it a quest for Rumi's lawn ornaments?  

CD: $14.95

Comes with guidelines and links to some of my favorite processes and other resources.

EvoLucid: Evolving Bilateral Sound is available now at


Pure Sensing: For Sensual & Spiritual Adventures

Pure Sensing: Sensual and Spiritual Adventures

Journey out of the familiar boundaries of New Age or ambient music, to the evocative meditation of spirit, tribe and journey with sound designed for Deep Listening. Excellent for Yoga, massage, or meditation.

Click for samples from UpLevel, Personal Journey and EvoLucid. 
Click for Samples from Pure Sensing.

With Pure Sensing, you discover four slowly evolving environments for deep listening, meditation, yoga and other experiences. Each environment expresses rhythms of nature and tribe in subtlety that will reveal new elements with every listening. These body-mind adventures will absorb the "monkey mind" during a nature walk, or even drifting off to sleep.

Clifford Brooks is an Afro-Cuban drummer, electronic musician, and gardener who produced the evocative, meditative melodies, sounds and rhythms. Robert A. Yourell provided consultation on the genre and completed extensive audio engineering for spatial psychoacoustics and subtle biological entrainment rhythms that further absorb the mind into these evocative meditation realms.

These unique experiences journey outside the familiar boundaries of New Age and ambient music, fully realizing the new U-bient genre. These environments exist to inspire your conscious journey and evolving healing.

Deep Listening: a Way to Experience These Environments. With headphones, "peer" deeply into the sounds, listening for the most subtle qualities, nuances and fleeting sounds, while allowing the periods of processional rhythm to carry you further into the journey.

Pure Sensing is a collaboration between Clifford Brooks and Robert A. Yourell. Robert provided the initial consultation and training on the genre, Clifford created the soundscapes, and then Robert engineered them with psychoacoustics and other methods to complete these spacious environments. Clifford brings surprisingly trancey, almost processional, rhythmic qualities previously unknown to ambient soundscapes. His experiences in the world of Afro-Cuban drumming has provided unique inspirations to his vision of spiritual soundscapes.

Requires no training or instruction.

Cover art, title: The image began as a fractal that revealed the intersection of path and horizon with an aura of universal recognition. "Pure Sensing" is a tribute to the "Deep Listening," movement, where biology and spirit are elevated. U-bient (Universal Ambience) is a new genre in which ambient music is orchestrated and engineered for a subtle, deep meditative experience according to its unique recipe.

CD: $14.95

Pure Sensing is available at now.


EMDR-Inspired Shimmer Sounds

UpLevel, Personal Journey, and EvoLucid provide the Shimmmer sound (bilateral sound) sought after by those who appreciate the value of a "whole brained" experience in visualization and other inner work, such as Focusing. The Shimmering 1 double album also provides guided experiences to build personal skills with Shimmer sound (from the UpLevel album) as well as an hour of lessons and presentations. EMDR-trained therapists and others who have had adequate experience with EMDR are familiar with the benefits of alternating bilateral stimuli in enhancing body awareness, relaxation, and visualization processes.

Many methods of personal development and stress management use ways to create a more whole-brain experience. The same goes for creativity and learning experts. People who use Shimmer sound while doing a guided, or self-guided process experience something special. The mental rehearsal method, or various processes from the Hypertext Guide to Visualization Exercises are examples of processes that benefit from bilateral sound.

We do not claim that these recordings treat or cure any psychiatric or medical condition. We certainly love them for personal growth processes and relaxation when cautions that apply to any relaxation or personal growth process are heeded.

These recordings are most consistently helpful when they support a guided rather than free-form process. Persons sufficiently experienced with EMDR will find that they can do self-EMDR-inspired processes with the help of these recordings. A booklet of guidelines and links to sample exercises come with UpLevel, Personal Journey and Evolucid.

Many people find sound to be a very compelling form of bilateral stimulation. Also, such sound can be enjoyed throughout the process. Listeners have reported they prefer sound because they are not distracted by eye movements. Some close their eyes to be more fully immersed in the process they are experiencing. Listeners usually report a rapid achievement of relaxation, body awareness, visualization, and reverie than they have come to expect without the use of Shimmer sound.

One user, a psychologist, told us that he used UpLevel each morning as part of an EMDR-inspired meditation process. He "stared into the velvety blackness, with his eyes closed, and waited for something to emerge that he felt like focusing on, usually a discomfort or personal growth issue. He allowed the issue or feeling to evolve on its own until he felt finished." After doing this for several days, he stated that he became much more flexible and present as a therapist, and significantly increased his enjoyment of the profession.

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What is Brainwave Entrainment?

When we hear sound or see flashing lights in certain frequencies, our brains tend to match that frequency within a few minutes. This has been known by experimental psychology since early in the twentieth century. Most people who listen to brain wave entrainment do so for relaxation or meditation. In addition to recordings, there are "light and sound machines" which stimulate the user through flashing lights worn as glasses, and sound from headphones, usually generated by a small computer.

The recording available here that uses brain wave entrainment is Personal Journey (theta for deep meditation).

Personal Journey uses a "binaural beat" in which two frequencies, one in each ear, combine in the brain to produce an audible frequency. It resembles the beautiful sound you produce by running a wet finger along the rim of a crystal goblet.

Go to Personal Journey, the recording that includes a brainwave entrainment frequency.

Sponsor: Stress, Meditation, & Alertness Brainwave Tools by Photosonix This company offers the "light and sound machines" that use headphones and special glasses to produce brainwave entrainment. These units include fairly inexpensive ones (round $150 to $200). Most models can also use the Audiostrobe CD's that tell the unit to do a session that goes with the music and entrainment sounds for a special experience. I have the Inner Pulse unit with the special glasses that allow different frequencies to each brain hemisphere (for protocols that are being subjected to research for problems such as ADD).