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Charles Figley, Ph.D. on History and Active Ingredients of the Power Therapies

Free streaming audio: A founder of traumatology speaks on trauma treatment, EMDR psychotherapy, energy psychology, NLP and other rapid-acting psychotherapy approaches in terms of history, the Active Ingredients Project, and the future of psychotherapy.

Design & audio: Robert A. Yourell, LMFT

Charles Figley, Ph.D. is a founder of the emerging field of traumatology. He is a professor at Florida State University who codeveloped with Joyce Carbonelle the famous Active Ingredients Project that originally drew attention to the fast-acting therapies and the need to study new and innovative psychotherapies for trauma.

This presentation provides insights on the history and future of psychotherapy. It is warm, entertaining, moving and informative.

The talk took place at the first Power Therapy Conference (Denver, Colorado, USA, 1997), which was conceived by Michael Gismondi, LPC. It is presented here because of its historical and inspirational value, and because it covers issues of enduring importance to the field of psychotherapy.

More on Dr. Figley

As of this writing, Dr. Figley, a full professor at Florida State University, is the founder and editor of the online joural on trauma treatment, Traumatology and is president of The Green Cross Foundation, an organization dedicated to "Helping the traumatized through research, education and professional development." It offers training and other services. He is the author of Compassion Fatigue and Treating Compassion Fatigue, and is making numerous other contributions. His home page has personal information, current roles, publications, credentials and links.

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